The Identity Particle


May 2015

Humanity focusses itself on the limitless possibilities of virtual technologies but is limited only by its physical body of flesh. Medical technology replaces parts of the human body that are worn out to increase longevity. But if it is possible to replace every physical part of a human will the original person still be present or does the body then become a generic human?
This video tells of a future world where an unknown element is discovered that changes humanity's view on medical science and the essence of being human.

Wedding Identity

Invitations and decoration

September 2016

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that requires a unique approach. As a graphic designer the bar is raised high when it comes to the invitations. Since a wedding is considered to be a festive day the save-the-date cards have been made as a garland and the actual invitations as a do-it-yourself party hat. The decorations are handmade drawings of items that play a large role in the personal life of the bride and groom. These items are reoccurring throughout the wedding and all the decorations during the day.
The save-the-date cards and the invitations as well as the decorations have been made on a riso-printer.

Slow Fashion

Fair fashion awareness campaign

June 2013

In the fashion industry it is all about lower prices in order to keep ahead of the competition. The downside to these low prices are the worsening conditions of workers doing the actual manual labour in low-wage countries. Many fashionista's are unaware of the amount of time needed by a worker to produce their low-price clothing.
This campaign is aimed at the fashionista to realize the little money the worker receives making a low-priced item. A do-it-yourself embroidering kit allows over-thinking while fabricating their own piece of clothing. The campaign is also supported by advertisements and appearances in fashion magazines.

De Koene Raadgever

Company identity

June 2014

A logo and an identity for a financial process liability adviser. The name refers to someone who gives advice in a decisive manner. The logo shows a magnifying glass spotting a broken cog. The identity has three colours resembling three different aspects of the advice offered.
The identity has been developed for business cards, letterheads, headers and footers for email and letter layout.

Hush... or the Outside World...


January 2016

Everything and everyone is connected to the I-N. Global tech-companies have provided the world with an irresistible alternative to liberal democracy. Lured by the benefits of digital techniques humanity has preferred a life in a synthetic world where laws are dictated by the computing machines.
A Bachelor of Art thesis written as a novel and published as a printed book and ebook describes the influence technology and the technology companies have on everyday life.
ISBN: 978-94-92185-09-9



May 2015

People browse news sites as a pastime while commuting or when waiting. In this way value of news degrades to a mere background, it becomes a wallpaper. This website creates a constantly refreshing background of the top 20 current news items and projects it as a moving wallpaper.


Video essays

July 2016

Technology plays a major role in our lives and will most likely continue to do so in the future. However, technology becomes smarter at much faster rate than we humans do. At a certain point in the future we will most likely be outsmarted by ruthlessly efficient technology. These storyscapes invite us to form our own conclusions based on subtleties and intonations by using the traits unique only to humans that technology can't comprehend.
This video essay installation has been on display at the 2016 KABK Royal Academy of Art graduation show in The Hague and at the 2016 GOGBOT festival in Enschede.


Reoccurring magazine item

December 2013

An infograph displays a lot of data in a visual and understandable manner. This series of infographs display different types of information in a type of graph that suits the topic. The use of shadow and paper resembles the magazine and the spotlight used to light out a certain topic.

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